Addressing Dental Anxiety

Perhaps there is no other healthcare profession like dentistry that has the unfortunate (and false) reputation of wanting to cause pain rather than prevent it.  For all the good that dentists do to improve our wellbeing, there are many patients with fears about sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Perhaps it has something to do with not liking sharp metal objects put into your mouth or distaste for fluoride, no matter how strongly the hygienist insists it is flavored.  But whatever the reason, there are many people who have dental anxiety.

For your teeth’s sake, there are ways to combat dental anxiety, a condition sure to cause cavities. If positive reinforcement, learning to control fear and other behavior management techniques don’t do the trick, dental sedation could ease your mind and allow you to get your teeth cleaned.

Sedation can occur through inhalation (nitrous oxide aka laughing gas), intravenously or orally through a pill or liquid. All of these are safe and can address most forms of dental anxiety by allowing you to get dental work done and simultaneously relieving the anxiety you feel inside. Usually these forms of sedation do not relieve pain, so a local anesthetic is still needed. They do however relieve stress and allow you to have a healthy smile without all of the worry.

★★★★★ My husband was sent to sedation dentistry because of his severe anxiety (to be sedated for an exam, xray, and extraction). They gave him an appt right away. Dr. G was so friendly! He came out and introduced himself to me and let me know what was going on, worked quickly and my husband was all done within an hour. The staff was amazing!!!! As was dr. G! Highly recommended!!Anna Glenn

Dr. Thomas Gonzales is an expert in treating patients who fear going to the dentist. He is highly trained and has 40 years of dental experience. In fact, he is so advanced that he taught Advanced IV Sedation locally at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

So if you are looking for a dentist who can put your fears to rest, call us at (949) 727-0777 and we will give you a courtesy consultation.

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