Are Your Workplace Habits Ruining Your Teeth?

We all have some workplace habits that make our jobs more manageable and help us to get through the day with our sanity. However, some of these activities may actually be harming your teeth. Review these workplace activities, and if you find that you are guilty of committing them, consider making some changes in order to protect your oral health.

Chewing on Pens

Do you find yourself chewing on your pen when you are deep in thought? Besides the fact that this is quite unhygienic, when you chew on pens or pencils, you could actually wear down the edges of your teeth. The end result could be a broken tooth or tooth pain.

Nursing a Cup of Coffee All Day

Are you constantly making trips back and forth to the coffee machine throughout the day? Nursing that coffee will stain your teeth over time, and you’ll also dry out your mouth, which can result in cavities and bad breath. If you can’t skip the coffee, make sure that you avoid loading it up with sugar, and always follow it up with a glass of water.

Using Your Teeth Like Tools

Remember that your teeth aren’t office supplies, so don’t use them to hold paperclips or to rip open a package. You’ll run the risk of breaking your teeth or damaging the enamel. Instead, use the actual office supplies provided by your employer, even if it takes a little extra time.

Taking a Group Smoke Break

We all love the opportunity to get out of the office and into the fresh air for a few minutes during a long work day, but smoking doesn’t have to be a part of the equation. Smoking will increase your risk of tooth loss and oral cancer, so rather than lighting up on your next break, take a brisk walk around the block or simply sit outside and chat with a coworker.

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