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Addressing Dental Anxiety

Perhaps there is no other healthcare profession like dentistry that has the unfortunate (and false) reputation of wanting to cause pain rather than prevent it.  For all the good that dentists do to improve our wellbeing, there are many patients with fears about sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Perhaps it has something to do with not liking sharp metal objects put into your mouth or distaste for fluoride, no matter how strongly the hygienist insists it is flavored.  But whatever the reason, there are many people who have dental anxiety.

For your teeth’s sake, there are ways to combat dental anxiety, a condition sure to cause cavities. If positive reinforcement, learning to control fear and other behavior management techniques don’t do the trick, dental sedation could ease your mind and allow you to get your teeth cleaned.

Sedation can occur through inhalation (nitrous oxide aka laughing gas), intravenously or orally through a pill or liquid. All of these are safe and can address most forms of dental anxiety by allowing you to get dental work done and simultaneously relieving the anxiety you feel inside. Usually these forms of sedation do not relieve pain, so a local anesthetic is still needed. They do however relieve stress and allow you to have a healthy smile without all of the worry.

★★★★★ My husband was sent to sedation dentistry because of his severe anxiety (to be sedated for an exam, xray, and extraction). They gave him an appt right away. Dr. G was so friendly! He came out and introduced himself to me and let me know what was going on, worked quickly and my husband was all done within an hour. The staff was amazing!!!! As was dr. G! Highly recommended!!Anna Glenn

Dr. Thomas Gonzales is an expert in treating patients who fear going to the dentist. He is highly trained and has 40 years of dental experience. In fact, he is so advanced that he taught Advanced IV Sedation locally at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

So if you are looking for a dentist who can put your fears to rest, call us at (949) 727-0777 and we will give you a courtesy consultation.

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What Exactly Are Premolars?

Have you ever heard your dentist talk about your premolars? You have all of your permanent teeth, so what exactly is he talking about? The term premolars may sound like primary teeth, but in fact, they are just another name for the bicuspids. They are permanent teeth that are found between the upper molars and your canines.

They are thought of as transitional teeth, as they display some of the features of both the molars and the canines, and you’ll have four on each dental arch.

Does Everyone Have Premolars?

While all adults will have premolars, if you looked into your child’s mouth to try to identify which of his teeth are molars and which are the premolars, you would have a hard time. Why, you ask? Well, children don’t have bicuspids. The baby teeth have first molars rather than premolars, but when they fall out, they will be replaced by the premolars.

Premolars vs. the Molars

The premolars and molars look an awful lot alike, so do they really need a different name? Don’t they do the exact same thing? The main difference between these two different types of teeth is the shape and their size. Molars tend to be quite a bit larger than the premolars, and while molars will have four cusps, a premolar will only have two.

There is also a difference between the two types of teeth when it comes to the roots. Premolars usually only have one root, while molars will have at least two – upper molars usually even have three roots.

Despite some of the differences between the molar and premolars, they both need to be cared for properly and the same way. Ensure that you are getting into the back of your mouth when brushing and flossing. If you have additional questions about caring for these or any other teeth, contact your dentist.

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Fresh Start 25th Annual Butterfly Ball Black & White Gala

Dr. Thomas Gonzales and his wife Delia recently attended the Annual Butterfly Ball held on October 25, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency in La Jolla. This event raised funds to providing life changing surgery, dental work, laser treatments, and speech therapy to disadvantaged children suffering with various physical deformities.

Fresh Start 25th Annual Butterfly Ball Black & White Gala

Fresh Start 25th Annual Butterfly Ball Black & White Gala

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts transforms the lives of disadvantaged infants, children, and teens with physical deformities caused by birth, accidents, abuse, or disease through the gift of reconstructive surgery and other healthcare services. The program has improved the lives of over 7,300 children to date—all of which have been given a second chance and increased self-confidence. Many children have gone on to be leaders in their communities as a result of the opportunities opened to them during their time in the Fresh Start program. Some of our patients are now doctors, nurses, and giving back to Fresh Start as volunteers!

“This event was a huge success and we are happy to support such a good cause for children,” said Dr. Gonzales.

For information about Fresh Start Surgical Gifts visit



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How Cosmetic Dental Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

All dental procedures, which are designed to enhance the beauty of your smile, come under cosmetic dentistry.  Dental health is what most of the people ignore as observed widely. This is why they have to face dental issues, which create problems to them in their personal and professional life. A beautiful smile is the key of success. But people who have varied dental disorders such as discolored teeth have to hide their teeth, which hinder them to smile aesthetically. Here in cosmetic dental procedures help you get rid of various dental disorders and restore that winning smile.

Cosmetic dental veneer is the best cosmetic dental procedure available to get rid of discolored teeth. A veneer is basically a thin layer of porcelain, which is made in such a way that it gets fitted over the front surface of the tooth. Veneers are used not only to improve the color of your tooth but also the shape and position of tooth. Veneers are also used to make a chipped tooth look whole again as it is used on the front part of the tooth which covered the whole tooth. Veneers are also used widely to close the small gaps between teeth. In other words, dental veneers are the best substitute for crowns in most of the cases.

Veneers are best for the dental issues as mentioned below:

  • If teeth are discolored due to any drug consumption or any other reason
  • If teeth are Broken or chipped
  • If teeth are misaligned, irregularly shaped or uneven
  • If there is much gaps in teeth

Veneers are basically custom-made shells of tooth colored materials and which are means to be used to improve the appearance of teeth by simply using them to cover the disordered tooth.

Advantages of veneers

Like other cosmetic dental procedures, veneers too have to offer various benefits such as

  • It helps your teeth look naturally beautiful
  • Your teeth look white and healthy
  • Healthy teeth adds beauty to your smile
  • You look younger and charming
  • Your personality gets improved
  • Cost-effective treatment to restore your dental health
  • Less time-consuming procedure

Therefore, why to wait more? Just let your smile and appearance of teeth improved with the help of cosmetic dental veneers, which will change your life the way you want. What you all need to do is just contact an experienced cosmetic dentist and discuss your dental issues and expectations!

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Things you need to know about Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

They say a beautiful smile can win thousands heart. But people who are facing varied dental disorders feel themselves unable to experience the pleasure of being liked by all in the absence of enticing smile. But now getting back that beautiful smile is no more a difficult task with the emergence of varied cosmetic dentistry solutions in Orange country. If you are the one who needs to take up cosmetic dentistry solutions to add charm to your personality, then you can avail the services of experienced cosmetic dentistry services providers in Orange country. Still wondering what cosmetic dentistry is all about? Here is brief information about cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry can include any dental procedure that is performed by cosmetic dentists to enhance the beauty of smile or teeth. It offers you complete smile makeover. Various dental procedures that come under this branch of dentistry can include Porcelain Veneers, Dentures, Porcelain Crowns, Dental Bonding, Tooth Whitening, Tooth-colored Restorations, etc.

Cosmetic dentistry has become popular at fast pace due to smile restoration and dental solutions it has to offer. Performed diligently by experienced cosmetic dentists who have numerous years’ experience, cosmetic dental procedures help you get rid of all your dental issues in efficient manner.Guy 1 300 x 206

More than this here are some best things about cosmetic dental solutions:

Fast Dentistry Solutions

Gone are the days when people had to invest lot of their precious time to restore their dental health. Now it has become fast and easy with varied cosmetic dental solutions which offer you fast relief.

Lesser Pain

You do not have to undergo any painful dental treatments anymore with the advanced cosmetic dental solutions. Experienced dentists performed varied procedures in such a way that you do not feel any pain.

Improved Self-Confidence

The confidence that helps you win in all sectors of life can be enhanced with perfect and problem-free smile. Now you can restore that smile with the help of pro cosmetic dentistry solutions.

Therefore, if you really want to get rid of dental problems that are making your life problematic, cosmetic dentistry is the best option you should go for.

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Tips for Best Oral Health

Good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist will help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. Here are some Oral health tips to keep your family’s teeth and gums healthy.


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The Laser Treatment That Can Halt Gum Disease

In order to defeat gum disease, it’s first important to understand gum disease. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration, especially prevention. But most dental patients don’t realize that regular exams and cleanings can actually help prevent gum disease from spreading, so most cases of gum disease spread quickly and can become bothersome, pesky and unhealthy for the patient. Years ago, dentists had to perform oral surgeries and other invasive procedures to rid the mouth of periodontal or gum disease, but today there are new methods including a dental laser treatment for periodontal disease.

Gum Disease Progression

Periodontal or gum disease is fairly silent at first. It can go unnoticed by a dental patient for a long period of time. In fact, many dentists actually have to inform their patients that they have periodontal disease, as they don’t even realize it. It’s best to treat gum disease in its earliest form, as there is often more success in completely removing the disease.

However, if gum disease isn’t caught in the early phases, it can quickly turn into a disaster in your mouth. It causes swelling, bleeding and achy gums once it transforms into a full-blown infectious disease. If the bacteria continue to wreak havoc in your mouth, it can also ruin the bones in your teeth. Once the bone has become infected, the tooth is at great risk of needing to be pulled.

Treatment Options for Gum Disease

As mentioned previously, dentists used to have no other alternative than recommending a dental patient receive gum surgery for the periodontal disease. This required an invasive, painful treatment that opened the gums, cleaned out the bacteria and stitched everything back together in order to fully remove the infection.

Luckily, dental patients can now undergo laser treatment for gum disease that can fully rid the mouth of bacteria without having to undergo all the negative, painful side effects of gum surgery. Dental laser treatment for periodontal disease has been proven to be an effective method for patients to halt the spread of bacteria in the gums. Here are just a few benefits of the laser treatment:

  • No pain or discomfort
  • Quicker healing
  • Complete removal of bacteria and infection

If you’re ready to rid your mouth of the debilitating effects of gum disease, call your dentist to learn more about the dental laser treatment for periodontal disease. You can be healed from harmful bacteria in no time without a single incision.

Learn More About Laser Treatment Methods

The dental laser treatment for periodontal disease is a groundbreaking new method for patients to overcome gum disease without the pain, hassle and invasive surgical procedures of the past. Ask your dentist today for more information regarding laser treatment for gum disease.

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Teeth Whitening in Orange County

Benefits of Going to Cosmetic Dentist for Teeth Whitening

Beautiful teeth smile and enticing smile are the true assets that lead you to the path of success.  Your first impression is the tools that can help you win in all areas of your life. And, a charming smile adds value to your encounter with anyone in the life. Hence, essential is that you possess beautiful and healthy teeth. But there are many reasons due to people face the problem of yellow teeth, which prevent them to smile publically. Fortunate are the people now who have the advantage to get the varied cosmetic dental treatment to restore their dental health.

Teeth discoloration problem is faced by millions of people in the world, which make them, visit cosmetic dentist to whiten their teeth. Tooth whitening is the most popular yet effective way of making your teeth white and lightens or eliminates stains to get enticing and bright smile.Healthy Looking Teeth 300 x 233

There are many benefits that you can avail after going to cosmetic dentists. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • No serious side-effects
  • Excellent results
  • Professional treatment
  • Increased confidence
  • Teeth whitening helps to kill bacteria that cause gum diseases
  • Always improves your self-esteem
  • Aesthetic teeth appearance
  • Brightened smile
  • Get whiter and brighter teeth with teeth whitening
  • Get rid of stained or discolored teeth
  • Individualized or personalized treatments at cosmetic dentist clinic
  • Get long-lasting results with pro services
  • Convenient dental solutions
  • Safe and friendly dental treatments

Types of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening procedures are conducted widely at cosmetic dentist centers and all of them have to offer different teeth-whitening procedures. Some of the most common are described below:

Over-the-counter procedures

This is the most affordable type of teeth whitening. It consists of methods such as

  • Bleaching of teeth,
  • Using whitening gel,
  • Using whitening- rinses,
  • Making use of pre-made whitening trays,
  • Using whitening strips, etc.

Therefore, if you really want to improve your smile and brighten your teeth visit a pro cosmetic dentist today and feel the difference. What you all need to do is just research about the experienced and famous cosmetic dentists in Orange County and nearby area. Choose the best from the list. Teeth whitening are the best way to deal with the problem of discolored or stained teeth. You do not need any more to hide your smile as teeth-whitening will help you get rid of this problem at an instant.

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4 Strange Reasons Behind Your Toothache

If you are experiencing a toothache, your mind might immediately jump to a cavity or a chip as being the source of your discomfort. While these conditions are certainly possibilities, there are a variety of other issues that could cause your toothache, some of which are a little on the strange side.


Did you know that an earache can also cause pain in your teeth? That is because the nerves in your ears pass through the teeth, and at times, this can result in pain signals to occur in areas that really haven’t been affected.

Sinus Infection

The sinuses are the hollow cavities found in your cheeks and nasal area, the largest of which are called the maxillary sinuses. These sinuses are located in the cheekbones close to the roots of the teeth on your top jaw. So, if you develop a sinus infection, the soft tissue lining within the chambers can swell, placing pressure on the nearby tooth roots.

Changes in Altitude

If the air pressure around you changes, small gas pockets can form as pressure inside of your body. This can happen when you are on a plane, and your body compensates by releasing this gas via a “popping” sensation in your ears. Your teeth do not have that flexibility, so if the gas forms in the area of your teeth, it could cause them to hurt.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer has also been shown to cause toothaches, as strange as that might sound. The reason for this is that there are several major nerves that pass through the jaw when running from your brain to your lungs.

The best way to find out the cause of your toothache is to visit your dentist, so if several days have passed and your toothache does not seem to be getting any better, be sure to give our office a call to set up an appointment.

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Free Oral Cancer Screenings Offered During the Month of April

The Oral Cancer Foundation has designated the entire month of April as Oral Cancer Awareness Month and encourages people to get screened. Oral cancer is the largest cancer group that falls into the head and neck cancer category. Nearly 48,250 people in the US alone will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year. Oral cancer can be found in the back of the mouth and on the lips.

Oral cancer, also known as mouth cancer will be diagnosed in about 132 people each day in the US alone, and one person dies from oral cancer every hour of every day. Factors that increase the risk of oral cancer are smoking and tobacco use, heavy alcohol intake, a history of significant sun exposure and exposure to the HPV-16 virus (human papilloma virus version 16).

During the month of April, Sedation and Implant Dentistry Irvine is providing free screenings to current and new patients. The goal of oral cancer screening is to detect mouth cancer and precancerous lesions that may lead to mouth cancer at an early stage when cancerous lesions are easiest to remove and most likely to be cured.

Call (949) 727-0777 for your free screening at or request an appointment online at

Sedation and Implant Dentistry Irvine provides general, cosmetic, implant and sedation dentistry. Doctors Thomas Gonzales DDS and Jimmy Tran DMD are licensed and highly trained in oral conscious sedation and provide a safe and relaxing option alternative to regular dentistry. Patients who fear the dentist can relax knowing they can safely get their treatments completed while they nap with sedation dentistry. Patients know they can trust Dr. Gonzales and Dr. Tran because they communicate with them through every step of their treatments.

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