A Grocery List Makeover Can Lead to Healthier Teeth

Committing to a healthy, tooth-friendly diet starts at home with your shopping list, but a shopping list overhaul doesn’t mean that you have to go without. The good news is that there are delicious alternatives to most of the unhealthy foods that you enjoy, so by swapping some things out on your grocery list, you’ll be left with healthier, more beautiful teeth.

Make Water Your Drink of Choice

Look at all of the sugary beverages on your shopping list: juice, energy drinks, soda. Then, cross them off. For healthier teeth, make water your go-to drink. Water will keep your mouth moist, allowing saliva to keep your teeth free of harmful, cavity-causing bacteria.

Swap out Chocolate Milk for Skim

Sure, your kids might love their chocolate milk, and the calcium it contains is great for their teeth and healthy gums. However, skim milk is a better way to get the calcium that you need without all of the extra sugar. To avoid cavities and decay, choose skim milk instead, and be sure to brush after.

Pass Up the Ice Cream Aisle in Favor of Yogurt

Do you like to finish off a long day with something sweet? Instead of stocking up on ice cream the next time you hit the freezer aisle, choose nonfat yogurt. You can even make your own frozen yogurt by combining plain nonfat yogurt, sugar-free sweetener, frozen fruit, and lemon juice for a healthy and tooth-friendly ice cream alternative.

Choose Crunchy Veggies instead of Chips

Do you like crunchy snack foods when watching the big game on Sunday afternoon? Salty potato chips or pretzels aren’t your only option, as vegetables like carrots and celery are healthier choices that can pack a big crunch. Serve them with hummus or bean dip for a delicious and well-rounded game day appetizer.

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