Hybrid 4 / All-On-4 Dental Implants

Hybrid 4 Dental Implants

The Hybrid 4 (sometimes called All-on-4®)  is a dental procedure that rehabilitates your smile and facial structure. While there are many reasons someone might consider this procedure most common is partial or total tooth loss. Often times it is considered as an alternative to dentures. Here are some All on four dental implants benefits.

  1. Facial and muscle tone will be restored
  2. 90% of your original chewing power
  3. 99% prosthesis survival rate over the 10 years studied
  4. Look and Feel like natural teeths
  5. Do not have to be taken out
  6. Prevent bone deterioration


Why Irvine for the Hybrid 4 procedure?

There are only a handful of dentists that have studied with the original creators of the procedure and Dr. Gonzales is one of them. He has performed the Hybrid 4 hundreds of times and though his staff is quite capable he still performs this Hybrid 4 dental implants process in one sitting personally.

Dr Gonzales makes sure his office is equipped with the latest technology so the procedure is fast and safe. When using IV Sedation as part of Hybrid 4 dental implants procedure you trust a dentist that specialized in both processes and has one of the best track records in the country.

What is the difference between traditional dental implants and Hybrid 4 ?

Traditional implants usually are used to replace one tooth at a time. Each tooth needs to be anchored into the jaw using a titanium implant. The process is typically done in steps and can take weeks or months from start to finish.

The Hybrid 4 dental implants are a total tooth replacement procedure. It requires all teeth be removed. Whether traditional implants or a total replacement procedure is recommended is going to vary patient to patient.

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