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Common Misconceptions About Toothaches

The prevalence of myths and old wives tales about toothaches have led some people to believe some strange things. While many of these myths are harmless, others could actually cause you to make poor decisions regarding your oral health. By identifying some of the strangest things that people believe about toothaches, you can take steps to keep your mouth healthy.

If It Stops Hurting, You’re Fine

Some people believe that if they have a toothache but it stops hurting, they are in the clear. This is an especially attractive myth to people who would like to avoid a trip to the dentist, but unfortunately, tooth pain that lasts for several days before disappearing mysteriously isn’t a great sign. Additionally, the oral health issue that caused the toothache in the first place won’t simply go away, as your teeth aren’t able to heal themselves, so you should still follow up with your dentist.

A Toothache Means the Tooth Needs to Come Out

Just because you have a toothache doesn’t mean that you’ll end up losing the tooth. If damaged pulp or an abscess is the culprit for your pain, a root canal can actually save the tooth by removing the damaged area before topping it with a crown. Don’t let fear of an extraction prevent you from seeking treatment for a toothache.

Since Toothaches Are Common, You Should Simply Chew on the Other Side

While it is true that toothaches are common, they are the sign of a problem that you shouldn’t ignore. Simply chewing on the other side of your mouth will not address the underlying issue, and it will actually cause the problem to worsen.

Now that some of these strange toothache myths have been dismissed, you should understand that tooth pain should never be ignored. Contact our office today to set up an appointment to have your aching tooth examined.

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4 Strange Reasons Behind Your Toothache

If you are experiencing a toothache, your mind might immediately jump to a cavity or a chip as being the source of your discomfort. While these conditions are certainly possibilities, there are a variety of other issues that could cause your toothache, some of which are a little on the strange side.


Did you know that an earache can also cause pain in your teeth? That is because the nerves in your ears pass through the teeth, and at times, this can result in pain signals to occur in areas that really haven’t been affected.

Sinus Infection

The sinuses are the hollow cavities found in your cheeks and nasal area, the largest of which are called the maxillary sinuses. These sinuses are located in the cheekbones close to the roots of the teeth on your top jaw. So, if you develop a sinus infection, the soft tissue lining within the chambers can swell, placing pressure on the nearby tooth roots.

Changes in Altitude

If the air pressure around you changes, small gas pockets can form as pressure inside of your body. This can happen when you are on a plane, and your body compensates by releasing this gas via a “popping” sensation in your ears. Your teeth do not have that flexibility, so if the gas forms in the area of your teeth, it could cause them to hurt.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer has also been shown to cause toothaches, as strange as that might sound. The reason for this is that there are several major nerves that pass through the jaw when running from your brain to your lungs.

The best way to find out the cause of your toothache is to visit your dentist, so if several days have passed and your toothache does not seem to be getting any better, be sure to give our office a call to set up an appointment.

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